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Intuitive & Energy Sessions

Intuitive Sessions: Services

Energy Reading & Treatment

Energy is everything! The goal is to have our energy flowing harmoniously- however, due to stress, relationships, traumas and just "everyday life", our energy can become stagnant or even blocked.

In this unique session, I will tap into your energy field and assess where you are stuck and/or blocked. From here, I will look at your energy from a clinical standpoint and be able to offer you ways to improve your overall well-being, as well as include energy healing techniques to continue at home.

$100 for session (approx. 90 mins)

Energy Session & Soul Painting

“Every artists dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures” -Henry Ward Beecher

The first half will include IET and chakra balancing, where I will softly release energetic blocks in order to assist in fulfilling your life’s purpose. Following the in-depth and gentle hands-on IET /chakra balancing experience, there will be a brief guided meditation connecting you to your higher self. Once the meditation is completed, we will move into the art-making process where you will create your Soul Painting on a canvas.

Connect with your creativity, emotions, inner child, life purpose and soul and leave the session with a beautiful, abstract expression of yourself!

$120 for session (approx 90 minutes)

Soul Empowerment Program

Therapy and intuitive arts fused into eight individual sessions to help you along your Soul’s journey

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